PofoZip is a block device driver that enables the use of Iomega's portable ZIP-drive together with the Atari Portfolio palmtop.
A single ZIP-Disc can hold the equivalent of hundreds of memory cards. PofoZip allows a comfortable access to a huge archive of software, maybe to all known Portfolio programs on one disc.
What you need: Characteristics: Support:

You can download a free service pack which contains add-ons and updates for the utilities that come with PofoZip:

Download service pack (25 KByte, Latest Update: 14.10.98) . Now including English documentation.
Owners of older versions of PofoZip that require multiple installations of the driver should better use ZIPMAN 1.30.

How to access partitioned disks from your desktop PC:

Iomega's driver assigns only ONE drive letter to the ZIP-drive. Therefore only the first partition can be accessed through it. Stefan Matthaeus got around this problem by replacing SCSIDRVR.SYS by ASPIDISK.SYS from Adaptec. The corresponding lines in CONFIG.SYS could look like this:


On reboot, three new drive letters will be created which correspond to the partitions of the ZIP-disk.

How to access partitioned disks from an Atari ST computer:

Atari users can access partitioned Zip-disks like described in the following German article edited by : ATARIZIP.TXT

Compatibility with Windows 95:

The special disk format "3xFAT12" generated by ZIPMAN up to version 1.22 used 3 FATs for each partition. Apparently, this lead to great confusion in Windows 95 so that no data transfer was possible. A disk formatted using ZIPMAN 1.30 (or later) should be usable both under Windows 95 and with any version of PofoZIP.
If you want to convert your disk and do not like to format every partition, you can manually change 2 bytes in each boot sector. The data will not be affected by this procedure. Example for drive D:

-l 0 3 0 1
080A:0010 03.2
080A:0016 0C.12
-w 0 3 0 1

For drive E:, the second line reads -l 0 4 0 1 and the 7th line reads -w 0 4 0 1. All other input stays the same.

Hint: Mobile power supply using NiCd-batteries

In addition to PofoZip, palmZIP has been developped as a driver for DOS-compatible palmtop-computers. Questions to .

Zip und Iomega are trademarks of Iomega.
The picture in the upper right corner shows Iomega's Zip-drive.

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